Reserved for Theca – Fabulous black baroque pearl necklace


Excellent black baroque pearl strand in a matinee length of 21 inches.


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I have no other word but fabulous to describe this necklace. I selected every single pearl with meticulous care. Standing alone, each one is a work of art in its own right. Once I put them together, the result is fabulous!

To drill them, I enlisted the help of a professional pearl driller. Even he was nervous because the pearls are so perfect and beautiful. Despite his lifetime of experience, he was afraid of making a mistake! When one of the most beautiful was chipped while drilling, I saw a tear in his eye… he offered to take the loss… I would not let him to do that, but i did share his pain .

Baroque pearls of this kind have such free-form elegance, it is an art to drill them and to make them into a coherent piece. I used 3mm natural hematite between the pearls, knotting between each pearl and the hematite… so as to give enough space for each pearl to show off her individuality.

Top quality of their kind. These black baroque pearls glow with fire day and night.

Necklace length: 21” (53cm)
Pearls: 13X18-17X34mm

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