What if my package gets lost in the mail?

We ship every package out with great care and attention to details. However, accidents do happen from time to time. From our end, we make sure everything is insured properly, when the package gets to your end, we make sure you are the right one to receive the pakcage by requiring a signature upon delivery. So once your order is placed, your pleasant shopping experience with us is guaranteed.

How do I care for these lovely pearls from you?

Pearls are the very few organic gemstones on our planet. If you take good care of them, they will love you back for many years. Make sure they are away from any cosmetics such as perfumes and hair products, and wipe out any dusts or perspirations with a clean damp soft cloth before storage. Ideally pearl strands need to be restrung every a couple of years. We offer repair/restring services, please contact us if you have such need:http://www.freshwater.store/contact/

Do you do custom order?

Yes we love to work with you to create a special piece just for you. Start the discussion with us right here: http://www.freshwater.store/contact/ Depends on the individual item, there might be a small fee occurs for such custom order.