Golden peacock purple pearl necklace



This necklace is truly stunning! Good sized pearls around 10 mm are round and gorgeous. The colours of the pearls are just amazing. a dark purple as a base colour, with the most splendid metallic bright overtones! gold, green, blue, hot pink and many more different colours are shining through the necklace under certain different lighting conditions… gorgeous.

I tied the pearls with a pretty and enticing purple thread, left a knot between each pearls… used a solid sterling silver toggle clasp to close the necklace. Clasp is pretty and versatile enough to be worn in the back or in the front of the necklace, also gives you a flexibility to wear the necklace tighter or more relaxed.

  • Pearls: 10mm
  • Necklace length: 16-18” (41-45cm); 17-19”(43-48cm)
  • Solid sterling silver toggle clasp with extension rings

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16-18, 17-19


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  1. 777Olympia

    The pearls are really beautiful with fascinating colors. Everything about this purchase was a joy. Yupin Yan was very easy to work with and extremely helpful. I even loved how the pearls were wrapped and packaged.

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