Handsome grey large baroque pearl long rope necklace


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I encountered these silvery grey baroque pearls a couple of years ago, thought they were so cool. After i finished this piece, I can’t believe how handsome those pearls became! love this piece so much!

These grey baroque pearls are charmed with rings around their bodies, shaped more or less like pears. I linked them with strong black silky threads, securely tied a knot between each pearls. At the end, I used a hand carved natural jade clasp, and a set of handsome traditional chinese knots to finish this cool piece.

This necklace is excellent to wear it alone, either as an elegant long rope or an impressive double. It also looks super to pair with your other necklaces. Try some black stone for example… it’s gorgeous.

Pearl sizes: 12X13mm – 15x20mm
Necklace length: 35” (89cm)
Black jade clasp: 20mm
Total 45 pearls

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